The 40 Something Mum

by Belinda Gomme November 01, 2016

My name is Belinda and as they say, being a first time Mum holding onto that little bundle of joy is a feeling that you can never explain until you go through it.  Through life's ups and downs and the years ticking by, I was a person who never thought I would become a Mum.  (Neither did my friends or family for that matter).

During my pregnancy my little sister (thank god for little sisters),  who has 3 children of her own I might add, promised me she would take me on ‘THAT SHOP’ (yes, the one where we had to go and buy the ‘big girls undies,’ maternity pads and all those bits and pieces you should have for hospital, but really don't want to acknowledge or even talk about).  I distinctly remember her telling me I need ‘this’ cream for my nipples, ‘that’ cream for babies nappy rash, this for product for that issue and that product for this issue.  The list went on and on.  I remember feeling so overwhelmed and having to write the names of the creams down and when to use them.   During the pregnancy period we received many sample products in various baby gift bags (again...there was so many it was mind boggling).  My sister-in-law also told me about products she used and swore by,  which  ‘I had to use’.  It all came to a head when my partner Rohan suggested I actually look at the back of the packs and read what is in them.  To be very honest I was not a person who looked at ingredients of anything, let alone creams, lotions and shampoos.  My knowledge extended about as far as knowing if it was heavily fragranced, it was probably not a great thing.  It wasn't until we had our son that the need to have only the best escalated and I realised the importance.  This started our new and exciting adventure… Love to hear about your stories. Share them with me HERE


Belinda Gomme
Belinda Gomme


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